• Do you sell to the public?

    We are a wholesale floral distributor and therefore only sell to those with a resale license or Tax ID number. If you not a retailer and like our products, please ask your local floral provider about whether they sell Baisch and Skinner products.

  • Do you charge sales tax?

    There is no sales tax with a valid and applicable resale license/Tax ID number that is listed on the MO149 Form you fill out when registering to become a new customer.

  • How do I become a registered customer?

    To become a registered customer, you must fill out our Customer Registration Form available here. Please print, fill out, and either fax in, mail in, or bring in to any of our eight locations. Filling out a customer registration form grants you access to shop at any of our eight locations, as well as on our web store.

  • Once I am a registered customer, how do I access your web store for pricing and to place my order?

    Once you have become a registered customer, you will receive an email that gives you your new Customer ID Number. This personal ID Number is now your login and password to shop our web store. Here is an example:

    Login Name: SHOP88 (in ALL CAPS)
    Password: SHOP88 (in ALL CAPS)

  • What is available on your web store?

    Our web store carries a wide variety of decorative merchandise (including ribbon, containers, silk stems, dried florals, home décor, etc.) and floral supplies (floral foam, adhesives, paint, etc.). Our web store does not carry fresh flowers or plants due to the flux in availability and seasonal products. Please speak with a fresh flower or plant sales representative to place that order.

  • What if I cannot find an item I am looking for on your web store?

    Please speak with one of our Decorative Specialists at any of our eight locations by calling 314-664-1212.

  • How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to your e-blast promotions?

    To subscribe to our e-blast promotions, click here. To unsubscribe, click “Click here to instantly unsubscribe.” at the bottom of the e-blast.

Placing an order

  • How do I place an order?

    If you are near one of our eight locations, please stop in to shop! If you are outside a location radius you may place an order either through one of our sales representatives by phone or email. You can also place an order on our web store, but please keep in mind that our web store only contains decorative merchandise and floral supplies. To purchase fresh flowers and plants, you must speak with a sales representative.

  • What can your sales representatives assist me with?

    Our knowledgeable sales representatives specialize in fresh flowers, plants, or decorative merchandise. Our professionals are available during business hours to assist you with all your floral needs. They have advice on product availability, what’s hot, what’s not, and are happy to make suggestions to assist you on your current projects.

  • Is there a minimum order?

    There is no minimum order when shopping at any of our locations or via our web store.

  • How far in advance do I need to place my order?

    While Baisch and Skinner does fill same-day and same-week orders, we strongly encourage our customers to place orders in advance. More lead time always translates into a greater ability to source flowers precisely in accordance with your needs. For hard to find flowers, two weeks is recommended.

  • How late can I make changes to my order?

    You can make additions to your order up until shipping day assuming product availability.

  • Can I book a standing order?

    Yes, you are able to book a standing order with one of our floral sales professionals.

  • Why do fresh flowers prices go up around the holidays?

    You may notice that the prices of our fresh products increase during peak holiday times. This is due to supply and demand and is seen across the industry at those times.

  • What if the fresh flower I am looking for is unavailable at the time?

    Due to various seasonal and regional conditions, availability of some flowers may be very limited in certain areas. Also, specific flower varieties or colors may not be available for delivery on a specified day. Because of this, it is possible that the exact flower pictured on our website or requested may not be available for delivery. In these cases, we will contact you and offer a substitution.


  • Is freight included in the price of your flowers?

    No, freight is added as a separate line item on shipping and web store orders. For pick-up at location there is no freight charge.

  • I have a client who wants me to do an event that will take place away from my usual geographic location. Do you ship nationwide?


  • How much does it cost to ship my order?

    Shipping costs vary and are dependent on whether we are able to ship via airline or FedEx/UPS.

  • What are my shipping options?

    We ship via FedEx, UPS, airline, or refrigerated truck line working with you to get the best possible price for your order.

  • How fast can my products be delivered?

    We can ship same-day orders for next day arrival if placed by noon CST. Orders placed online can ship from our facility the following day.

  • Can you ship to a different address than my billing address?

    Yes, tell your sales representative both addresses when you place your order.

Financial / Credits / Returns

  • Will I be charged tax?

    If you provide us with a complete MO149 form that includes your sales tax number and you are reselling the product, you will not be charged tax.

  • What is your credit policy on Fresh and Supplies?

    Credit requests must be made within 24 hours of receipt of product and should be accompanied by photos demonstrating the problem.

  • Do I have to pay for my flowers before I receive them?

    Yes. Most of our customers are cash on delivery or credit card, unless you have already completed our credit application and have been approved.

  • When do you charge my credit card?

    Your credit card will be charged the day your order is ready to ship.

  • What is your credit policy on Fresh and Supplies?

    Credit requests must be made within 24 hours of receipt of product and should be accompanied by photos demonstrating the problem.

  • What is your return policy on decorative merchandise?

    All returns must be accompanied by the original invoice number. Returns are accepted within 10 days of the invoice. Seasonal items, sale items, and Last Call items are not returnable. Customer accounts will be credited for the return amount (no cash refunds). Baisch and Skinner retains the option of declining any return. 


  • My question is not a part of this list. Who can I contact?

    If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please contact our corporate headquarters at 1-800-264-4617 or email

Do you recycle?

At Baisch & Skinner, we're always looking for ways to become more green. It seems ironic that the original green industry needs to find ways to become more environmentally-aware, but the fact of the matter is there are always more efforts that can be done. Shipping the freshest flowers from around the world to our coolers in the quickest time possible isn't easy. We've decided to focus our efforts on the packing materials used in the shipping process - specifically the boxes that are used to hold all the flowers.

In an economy that presents many challenges and opportunities, we feel there is great strength in numbers - and that's why we are looking for ways to partner with our customers like never before. It's no secret, our customers' success translates directly to our success. So to that end, we've created our Baisch Box Recycling Program to directly help our customers' bottom lines.

To find out more about this new initiative, click on the link below:
Baisch Box Recycling Program

Other ways Baisch & Skinner is Going Green:

Realizing that our warehouses and offices do not need to be cooled and heated when we are at home, thermometers set to a timer were installed last year, bringing our utilities bill down 15% from the previous year.

We have begun partnering with other delivery services in the Midwest, taking vehicles off the road, as well as creating more efficient routes.

We have begun a recycling program with the help of Blue Skies Recycling ( We not only get to recycle paper and glass, but organics as well. This food and plant waste is shipped to an off-site composting facility. Through this we were able to cut back from 18 yards of dumpster space to one 2-yard dumpster that gets picked up once a week. We had been landfilling approximately 87.72 tons of garbage annually, and are now down to 9.87 tons, achieving an 89% recycling rate in our first year.

We also have an ongoing program with our customers called the “Baisch Box Recycling Program”. A normal cardboard box that our flowers get shipped out in costs us $4.50. With the recycling program, our customers get a $2.00 credit for every box that is brought back. Based on its quality, it is either reused or recycled. A win-win for the company and customer!

We have had an ongoing annual savings of roughly $10,000.00 for recycling all heavy cardboard that we send directly to the recycling plant…( $2500.00) per truck load…

We also average 40 semi loads of plants from Florida of which we have been working more closely with the growers by special forms of stacking formations which saves us the cost of cardboard by pure means of just elimination.

The staff at Baisch & Skinner not only encourages the business and its customers to be greener, but other staff members as well. A few of our staff members ride in a carpool to work.

All of these efforts have helped us to grow a more green business. With the help of the staff and our customers, we get closer every day to helping our future generations live in a healthier world.