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OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam: Do More with Less

OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam: Do More with Less


The idea a simple block of foam can make your life easier and your customers happier may seem too good to be true. But the OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis is the product that will change your entire approach to floral design.  Gone are the days of using countless amounts of stems covering blank spots of green foam to create robust looking arrangements. No more worrying about fixing mistakes or going over budget.


The concept is so simple and logical, a dark base within the design that you don’t have to be so concerned about hiding. Gaps between flowers and patches of wet, green floral foam are unwanted distractions from an otherwise beautiful creation. With this OASIS® product, the black foam just fades away and the emphasis is where it belongs, on the flowers.



“In the midst of darkness, light persists.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


Against a stark black backdrop, your designs can have an extra burst of color. All-white designs will shine brighter. Colors will ring truer and more saturated against a true neutral. Working with texture-rich botanicals in such a right-now palette, Midnight makes assembly of designs like these simple and quick.


Besides its stylish appearance, you’ll find many more reasons to love the OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam and make the switch to the dark side:


Savings That Add Up. Designers can use 25% fewer materials concealing the mechanics creating an on-trend, modern look with less labor required. In addition, the innovative and eye-catching dry gray foam transforms to rich black when soaked. Customers know it’s time to add water to the arrangement by hydrating designs when the vibrant black foam fades to gray. No more over and under watering, helping to extend the life of the piece.



Letting the Foam BE the Design. Midnight is meant to be seen - serving as a design element all on its own! Many artists are incorporating OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam as a visible anchor-point of their work. Not only is there no longer a need to cover up the foam, but some modern designs call for the rich, black bricks to sit directly in the foreground. By adding texture, you can once again control stem usage and costs if you’re on a tight budget or timeline. This idea brings an endless and easy way to bring a custom high-end look to your designs.


Black is the new “Green”. The new OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam color is still made of OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife, which means it only degrades by 75% within one year in an anaerobic environment (ASTM D5511). It is the ONLY wet floral foam proven to provide flower life that lasts as long or longer than flowers in a vase of water.


OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam opens a world of design possibilities allowing designers to create with shadow, texture, and space, giving flowers room to breathe.

OASIS® Midnight Floral Foam is one of the most exciting things to hit the industry in a long time!


Check out these helpful tutorials from Oasis:






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