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Midnight Floral Foam

SKU SM1020015
Unit Weight 0.5 lb
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Midnight Floral Foam
  • Dry gray foam transforms to rich black when soaked, creating the perfect canvas for any design. From traditional to bold, OASIS Midnight fits any style.
  • Create finished traditional looks with up to 25% less materials compared to green floral foam.
  • Midnight foam can be left visible to create minimalist floral designs that are both on-trend and perfect for the modern consumer.
  • Take the guess work out of adding water to arrangements by hydrating designs when the vibrant black foam fades to gray.
  • Made with premium Maxlife technology, flowers can live up to 50% longer compared to other foams.
  • Easy to work with, this floral foam is available in Standard or Deluxe densities.
  • Made with Standard OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife.
  • Pre-cut to save you time; just soak and design.